created on 09 Dec 2012

So here we are. 2012 is nearly over and this is my first entry here .. duh. Sorry this took so long but I never had the time to post a tutorial or a blog entry since I started working full-time. Now I know that this will probably never change again so basically I just need to take the time instead of waiting for me to have the time. As I suppose this to be a common problem you might be familiar with the situation.

As you might have noticed, a few things have changed:

  • my blog has a fancy new appearence that I hope won’t bore me to death in the next five minutes like the last one did
  • I am talking about myself, not just about programming or a very specific programming task
  • this is not a tumblr blog anymore. The old one is still up in case you want to compare.

Why am I doing this?

Since I first heard of blogging I liked the idea of having my own blog. I tried blogging about private stuff back on blogspot (it’s in german and it’s still up) and I enjoyed doing the programming-focused blog last year (this was the tumblr thing). Both of these were great experiences and I want to continue what I started in 2011.

In addition to simply liking the idea I have so much ideas to write about that may or may not be interesting for other people. Most of the stuff is in some way related to software development but some is also “unrelated”. I need to try the second part for myself before releasing anything from this genre but the focus will always be meta-programming and software development. When starting to keep a journal this summer I experienced how writing thoughts down can really clean your head. At least for me it works with private topics, maybe it will also work with professional topics.

Goodbye, tumblr!

Technically, this is now a github page. This means you are viewing a bunch of static HTML pages created by Jekyll from some HTML, Markdown and configuration documents (you can checkout the sourcecode here).

There will be a separate post about this topic but this small technical detail is another reason why I stopped posting at some point during the last year. Creating and editing posts in tumblr was a real pain for me after some time. WYSIWYG editors are fine for small-to-medium documents like a letter or a project proposal but as soon as there is some form of sourcecode examples involved, the workflow gets complicated. For tumblr that ment I ended up using the HTML editor most of the time and due to this ‘editor’ being only a plain HTML Textarea, I wrote the posts in a real editor and copy-pasted it onto the website later on.

I am now able to use whatever editor I like (currently Byword) and publish the post directly from my harddrive via commandline. A very neat workflow.

The next issue with tumblr was the neighborhood. Quickly after I started to use it more I discovered more and more “I post a funny gif every 10 minutes” blogs and I now feel this is where the whole platform is heading towards. But don’t get me wrong, this is perfectly fine. I just didn’t want to be a part of this.

Here at github I feel very much at home and I don’t think I need to stress this. The github platform and community are just awesome.

A few things with the current version are not yet the way I want them though. I am missing a feature to accept comments. As stated by Jeff Atwood in Blogging about Blogging: “A blog without comments is not a blog.” and I strongly agree with him. But which way to go here? Facebook is ugly when embedded into other websites and disqus is some kind of feature-overkill .. that’s all the platforms I know for the moment.

The next missing thing is an index of all the tags (they are not displayed yet) and all the posts. I already know how to do this I just didn’t took the time yet to complete it.

Last but not least: a favicon. I was never very good at deciding for a logo or icon for myself or my projects. But the small blank page which is provided by chrome just looks too sad to stick with it.

Update As a quick solution, I decided to use the Hash symbol from the header as favicon and it works great in my opinion.

New Year resolutions

Last year I just promised to go to the movies more often because I really like it but somehow watched most of the movies I originally wanted to see on release later at home when they released on Bluray. This one worked out great, so maybe it’s time to make a more serious promise to myself.

It’s not new years eve yet but I’m planning on releasing new posts on a more regular basis from now on and I’m planning to start with some meta-programming topics. At least I remembered to write down an idea for a blog post every now and then during the silent period.

That’s enough “meta-blogging” for the moment I think. If you read through the whole thing: thank you very much. Due to the lacking comment feature simple get in touch if you have something to say. I’d love to hear from you!

Fresh Air

created on 21 Dec 2011

Computers are like air conditioners - they stop working properly if you open Windows. read on a T-Shirt

MultiMarkDown LaTeX Export with Byword

created on 10 Aug 2011

I really love Byword by metaclassy and the MMD to LaTeX Export feature is simply awesome. Here’s one thing that really annoys me though.

The following snippet of MMD code:


is being export like this:

\texttt{\slash plugins\slash \{plugin\_id\}\slash data\slash \{data\_key\}}

Are you serious? What about this:


Unproductive Opinions

created on 03 Aug 2011

Java is a high level programming language. It’s unproductive to have an opinion about it. Nick Farina in An iOS Developer Takes on Android

The Black Hole

created on 23 Jun 2011

Java was like having a rich lawyer as a brother. He was fun when he was younger, but now he’s a black hole that sucks away all the joy in a 100-mile radius. Bruce A. Tate in Seven Languages in Seven Weeks